Business Transformation

It is relatively common to hear the term ‘Business Transformation’ in today’s market, but what does that mean and how does it relate to your business? When I discuss this concept with clients it is interesting to me to hear different viewpoints and perspectives as it relates to their business. Some perceive this term as […]

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VMworld 2017 Recap

It’s great to get back to VMworld to meet and discuss the state of information technology with industry experts, leaders, and innovators.  The conference is one of the best I attend which marries a solid vision for the future with practical technology sessions for the present.  VMworld 2017 provided attendees another great year with a […]

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Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

‘Software Defined’ is a term being used to describe how next generation devices and services work and interoperate in the data center.  It is the natural evolution of IT molded from the pressures associated with the cost of legacy architectures, manual operations, and the public cloud.  Software defined is also the foundation through which most […]

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